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Gambling logos ‘could be banned from football shirts’

There is also a quirk in UK industry rules allowing brands to advertise in Britain without a licence of their own, which gives firms the chance to operate ‘at the fringes’ of regulation, the report said. British citizens and the Treasury will also benefit as more jobs will be created here. It is argued that by having staffed offices in Britain and a UK-incorporated entity, companies will be easier to regulate. Carolyn Harris MP, the chairwoman, told Mail Online: ‘I would very much welcome a ban on front of shirt advertising, any reduction in sports advertising or marketing or promotion is a step in the right direction.

If you cherished this short article and you would like to obtain far more info regarding สล็อต fun88 kindly pay a visit to the web-site. Eight out of 20 clubs in the Premier League are currently dependent upon shirt sponsors from the gambling industry, which brings in around £70m. In addition, the EFL, clubs benefit from £40m in sponsorship and commercial arrangements with the league The possible move, which would signal the biggest change in sports advertising since the promotion of tobacco was banned, has been praised by MPs and campaigners amid fears that sports stars are ‘walking billboards’ for betting firms.

The bleak truth is that Britain’s hugely successful gambling industry, which sits like a parasite leeching money and hope out of the country’s poorest communities, is ensnaring more and more youngsters in its net. Both Bet365 and shirt sponsor Fun88 are gambling companies, something that is outlawed in Saudi Arabia. Fun88 said it was ‘none of their business’ when asked for their views by the Financial Times last year when the takeover was first mooted. The Government must ensure that any changes do not drive people to the unregulated black market online, where there aren’t any safeguards to protect vulnerable people.’ ‘I hope Ministers will focus in with laser-like precision on problem gamblers and those at risk.

Women were not allowed into sports stadiums until 2018 and only this year have they been allowed to live alone without permission of a male guardian. Saudi Arabia has long faced criticism over women’s rights. Molson Coors, the owners of Carling, were also approached to establish if they would reconsider their deal with Newcastle given that they have celebrated the fifth year of their Tap to Change programme that donates a portion of sales to LGBTQ organisations. The Prime Minister likes to talk about fixing the ‘burning injustices’ in society, well, Mrs May, what about the injustice of a multi-billion-pound industry sucking the hope out of our worst-off communities?

Liverpool and Man City are flying but Norwich look… it’s Stevie’: Jurgen Klopp names Anfield… Newcastle takeover LIVE: The party starts as jubilant fans… Timo Werner says he is not ‘satisfied’ at Chelsea following… Football clubs generate income through ticket sales, broadcast revenue and commercial deals. The latter two are fixed, at least for this season, but the new owners would be expected to move quickly to increase income from sponsorship.

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